Why Facebook didn’t take any chances with Instagram [infographic]

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Why Facebook didn’t take any chances with Instagram

In their news release, Zuckerberg promised that the Facebook team would continue to develop and support Instagram independent of their own efforts saying, “We will try to learn from Instagram’s experience to build similar features into our other products.”

But on May 24, Facebook announced its own Camera App, a clear competitor to Instagram, and something they would have already been working on prior to the acquisition. Now that they own the competition, how fiercely will Facebook compete with itself?

Collage of user-submitted photos on Instagram using a variety of native filters

Instagram collage

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Update: Facebook just purchased Face.com for around $60M to bolster its facial recognition technology. From TechCrunch:

With Instagram and Facebook Camera on the front end and Face.com on the back, Mark Zuckerberg has the arsenal he needs to win the war for mobile photos.

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