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So you have decided that you love photography, and you want to take your interest and artistic talents to a new level, huh?  Well, you have come to the right place.  Earning a degree in photography can help you take your talents and help them bump up to the next level, going from good to great.  There are many types of photography degrees available, and we describe the various degrees available to help you choose which one is best for you.

The degree that is best for you depends on how serious you are about photography.  Is photography something that you want to treat as a serious hobby, or is it something that you not only want to keep as a hobby but also earn a living while doing it?  Photography degrees range from certificate programs all the way through master degrees.  Some people know exactly where they want to go with photography, and others aren’t sure.  Those who aren’t sure sometimes start out by doing a certificate program and realize they want to get more serious about photography, so they go on to get an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or even a master’s degree.  No matter if you are a weekend warrior or if you want to have a long career in photography, there is a photography degree that fits your needs.

For those of you who want to become a professional photographer, before getting started on your journey to becoming a successful photographer, it’s important to lay out a career path to help you accomplish your goals.  That starts with choosing the correct school that offers the specialties and concentrations in photography that you are most interested in.  For more information on the various schools, see our article entitled “List of Photography Schools” as well as “Top Online Photography Schools,” which will give you not only lists of schools with photography programs, but also some direction on how to choose which school would be best for your needs.

There are many exciting employment opportunities in the field of photography.  With the birth of the digital age, there have been certain industries that are directly related to photography that have taken a hit, but there have also been new industries that have flourished, which have revitalized the field of photography.  Some of the opportunities that are trending well in photography right now include:

  • Sports Photography:  With more sports coverage than ever before in history, sports photographers are in more demand than ever.
  • Fashion Photography:  This area of photography seems to never go out of style.  Demand in fashion photography has always been steady, even though the competition is stiff.
  • Industrial Photography:  With globalization as apparent as ever, more and more business people rely on this area of photography to help with PR campaigns and help make certain business decisions.

These are just a few of the types of opportunities available to photographers who have the proper education and experience.  For more information about careers in the photography field, please see our article entitled “Photography Careers.”

This website is intended to provide a guide to help you find your path to the photography degree and career that is right for you.  Be sure to also get advice from a counselor at your high school or university.  If you aren’t currently in school, there are usually counselors at local colleges and universities you can schedule an appointment with and get advice from, especially if you are considering attending classes there.  Remember that photography is something to be enjoyed by the photographer and the viewer, so enjoy the journey!